Sunoco GP2R is an unleaded racing fuel blended specifically for 2-stroke racing engines.

Sunoco GP2R has an (R+M)/2 octane rating of 94 and contains 2.7 weight percent oxygen (maximum).  Sunoco engineers designed GP2R to provide excellent throttle response while maintaining the excellent fuel stability characteristics racers and racing organizations expect of Sunoco.  Although this fuel was conceived with motorcycle road racing in mind, Sunoco GP2R can be used in similar applications such as off-road motorcycles and ATVs.

Sunoco GP2R contains additives to enhance storage life.  It does not contain MTBE or other ethers and does not have to be drained from the fuel system after each use.  It should be stored in opaque sealed containers where temperatures are stable.

Disclaimer: Legal in California only for racing vehicles in sanctioned racing events.
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Technical Details

ColorNot Dyed
Octane (R+M)/294
Research Octane99
Motor Octane90
Specific Gravity0.728
Weight (lbs/gallon)6.1
Reid Vapor Pressure9.8
Initial Boiling Point92
10% Evaporation119
50% Evaporation211
90% Evaporation230
Final Boiling Point266
Stoichiometric Air/Fuel Ratio14.5
Oxygen (weight%)2.7
Ethanol (volume%)2.9
Dielectric Constant7.1


  • Motorcycle Road Course
  • Off-road Motorcycle and ATV
  • Karts
  • Snowmobiles